If you are a beginner you can buy a domain at Godaddy India website.  It is a very good hosting platform if you have to launch a website quickly at the cheapest price.

It is called the website launching portal. You can search for a Godaddy Coupon Code online for buying a .com or .in domain.  You may buy a domain at a very cheap price, even at the rate of Rs 99/- or max 199/-.

Godaddy India offers Free domains as well if you buy hosting from them or website builder plan. There are a few sites which offer domains at zero price.   If you buy a domain from other sites even then you can build a website at Godaddy.

You can follow the following steps for building the WordPress website.

1. Buy hosting at Godaddy.  You can buy Linux hosting for a month if you want to learn website building on CMS platform WordPress. The price for one month can be as low as Rs 250/- Only thing that you have to find a Godaddy Coupon Code

2. You have to register with Godaddy or even log in with your Facebook account.  After login, go to My Products. If you want https SSL certificate, buy before you install WordPress.

You can buy SSL certificate at a very cheap price of Rs 600 or so for a complete year. The only thing you have to find out a coupon code or promo code for it.

3. Click Manage in the hosting column and go to cPanel admin.

4. Go to Domains and ‘Add-on’ your new domain.  Give the right path to “/public_html”

5. Again go to cPanel Admin. There is a WordPress logo in the fourth row.  If you click WordPress logo, you will go to the WordPress installation page.

There is a button ‘Install this Application’  You can choose your domain and fill up the rest of the columns and click install.

5. WordPress is installed.  You can log in into the Admin and choose your theme or upload if you have your own theme.

6. The rest all changes happen in the FTP account which you have to create and download the files in Filezilla.

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