These days young men and women have started wearing tight jeans, which stick to the body. It is a fashion today.

Nobody wants to check out the side-effects or demerits.  We have the real stories happened in India.

There was a girl in Delhi who was wearing tight skinny jeans.  She had bought the jeans from the market and then sewed on the seams to tighten further.

She was walking in the street and all of a sudden she fell down.  People nearby came to rescue her and informed her parents.

She was taken to the hospital.  Doctors cut the jeans and worn it off.  They checked out and made various medical tests and found that blood circulation is completely hampered.  And, that was the reason she had fallen down.

Imagine when a person is bitten by a snake, the first aid is given by tightening the cord above the snake bite.

This stops the blood to flow further into the other parts of the body.

Therefore, you can think of how harmful the tight skinny jeans are. You can buy various types of Quality Denim Jeans at Amazon with Amazon Coupons India and Amazon Promo Codes at CashFry.

We keep moving because the blood keep circulating in the different parts of the body.

The heart pumps the blood and sends blood to each part of the body.

That is the reason people do ‘Sheersh Assana’ ‘Squats & Lunges’ and other exercises so that the blood should reach in all the different parts of the body.

Everybody knows the most important part of the body are kidneys because they clean the blood.

Therefore, there should be a constant supply of blood to the kidneys. Tight skinny jeans affect the flow of blood to the kidneys.

If the care is not taken, the kidneys may damage.  Therefore, buy the one brand and size which is not very tight.

I have seen the other guy whose blood nerves in the legs had swollen.

Youngsters do not care until they get collapsed and fall down on the earth.

Fashion should not be at the cost of health.

It is seen, these guys buy the jeans and then go to a tailor to further tighten it. You should never ever do it because it may be very harmful to your body.

You may wear Skinny Jeans but do not further tighten it.

How to choose the right Jeans?

You should choose from the Top Brand and Stick to it because the size, style, and fitting would not change, of course, if you are maintaining the same weight.

In case you try some other brand you can buy the correct size and you should never tighten it further.

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Mind it, the jeans should not be tightened further; it may harm your health.

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