Shoes were made to protect feet and effective walking. There are different kinds of shoes for different occasions, outfits, and purposes.

Shoes are divided into various categories like casual, formal, comfort, sports, party, traditional, flats, daily wear, etc.

Earlier each shoe was handcrafted. Now we have machines to make Shoes in bulk due to increase in population and demand.

Not only the quality but also the durability of the shoes has improved drastically. Shoes now can be classified into following types.

1. Casual Shoes

You can wear these shoes at all places such as Office if allowed, Parties, Club, but you have to see whether it looks good to wear these on a particular occasion or not.

Casual shoes give ordinary look with some extra design. These shoes are made to comfort. You can wear Casual Shoes anytime, anywhere.

Examples of Casual Shoes are Sports Shoes, Sneakers, Loafers, boots etc.

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2. Formal Shoes

You need to be in the discipline at places like office, parties, and meetings.  It is a mark of respect. These are sober, the plane without any extra design, generally of black colour.

There are business casual shoes which are not very formal or and not very casual.  It is a mixture of the two styles.

People wear these shoes during office, parties and other occasions.

3. Sneakers

This range of footwear is classified as sports and casual wear. These shoes are basically designed for any kind of physical exercise and at the same time can be worn every day.

Sneakers have a flexible sole and the upper part made of synthetic material or canvas to provide maximum comfort for movement.

They have laces or velcro for proper grip and are worn with socks.

4. Slippers

The origin of Slippers can be tracked to the 12th century when the Vietnamese were observed wearing slippers indoors.

Slippers as the name indicate,  these are the footwear which can just be slip on to feet. Slippers have evolved over time.

Open-heel slippers, closed slippers, Slipper boots, Sandal slippers, Evening slippers, etc are some common types of slippers.

5. Sandals

This footwear is with a hard sole at the bottom.  There are straps made of fabric, leather or any other material. The straps keep the foot in place and provide support and grip.

Sandals are open and airy. Sandals are worn for various reasons according to the occasion. Usually, sandals are worn in the warmer climates to keep the feet dry and cool.

6. Loafers

This footwear is also known as Slip-ons, are generally flat, lace-less and these days they are commonly worn because they are very comfortable.

Loafers are generally casual but are also made with leather for formal wear.

People wear without socks or with ankle-less socks.

7. Boots

This footwear has different look. They may cover the feet and ankles. There are many types of boots such as biker boots, riding boots, thigh-high boots, hip-boots, rain boots, and waders.

After riding boots, thigh boots became popular for extra protection of legs when on horseback. This further evolved to armoured boots.

Boots are generally worn during winters for warmth and now are in fashion too.

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8. Boat shoes

Boat shoes or Deck shoes are made of canvas or leather with non-marked rubber soles designed specially to be worn on the boat.

The soles are cut into a sipping pattern to provide grip on the wet deck.

The leather is used to repel water and the stitching is highly durable and neat. These shoes are traditionally worn without socks.

9. Ballerinas

Ballerinas were originally called ‘ballet shoes’ or ‘ballet slippers’. Ballet slippers are lightweight and designed specifically for ballet dancing.

It is made up of soft leather, satin, or canvas and has thin soles for flexibility.

All ballet dancers wear them at the beginning of their classes. Ballet slippers must fit properly for safety and maximum flexibility.

10. High Heels

This footwear is made for women.  These are sandals with a raised or elevated heel.

There are now many types of high heels-wedges, pumps, pencil heels, platform heels, etc.

Heels aren’t just for protection or efficient walking, they make one look taller, accentuate the calf muscles and the leg’s length.

Heels are the only shoes which are transformed drastically over the past 1000 years.

11. Industrial Shoes

These are very sturdy having a long sleeve, much above the ankle for the safety of feet and the legs.

Industrial shoes can be made of rubber or leather.  You can call it safety shoes or safety boots as well.

12. Flip Flops

Slippers which have got straps of Y type above the sole are called Flip Flops.  These are called the bathroom chappals.

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