What to wear on a date!

Going on a Date?

Excited, nervous and scared at the same time?

Want to look great but don’t know what to wear?

Well, do not worry! We’ve got your back. There are some of us who do not like the idea of dressing up for an occasion but trust me, deep down, everyone wants to dress up, feel good and look great.

The times when we are not able to get ready can be because of several reasons like mood swings, laziness, need for a new collection of clothes, dislike for old clothes as they were worn too many times or we just don’t like the people we will be meeting; the list can go on and on.

But it’s not just the dressing up that we miss out on; it’s a chain that connects many things. When we dress up, we look good, we feel good, we get compliments, and we feel confident.

A confident person has a radiant glow that leads to a positive surrounding.

Never think low of yourself; leave that to the others! We need more people who can encourage others, support body positivity and spread love and happiness as we already have too many critics.

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Be Comfortable whatever you wear:

No matter what, always choose comfort over anything when it comes to clothes that you have to wear.

If you are not comfortable yourself, your date will not be either. Always choose clothes in which you can feel free.

We try to fit into clothes that are stylish but may be tight or not fit for our body type. Always choose clothes according to your body type.

You know yourself better than anyone. Choose the right size. When you’re at ease, your date will feel the same.

Tip: If you are a girl: With a black dress, you can never go wrong. You can pair it with nice, bold and trendy accessories.

If you are a boy: Simple denim with a white shirt and nice shoes is the best, for a casual yet classy look.

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Do not worry about the world:

Yes, do yourself a favor and don’t think about what others will think.

You are a better judge of what suits you. If you think you are not, take help from a close friend or family member and choose the right attire that suits you.

If you don’t want to ask anyone or you are too shy to take suggestions, then my friend – check online! You need to know what suits you the best – color, size, and look-wise.


As we mentioned, everything is interlinked. You will feel confident when you feel great and people compliment you.

But you also need to feel confident about your inner self. You cannot allow yourself to feel low or lesser than the person you are meeting.

You both have agreed to meet each other and you both stand equally on all grounds.

Do not think there is a problem with you if things don’t go well with the person. Be strong, feel the energy and move on with your head high.

Confidence is like a cloak that shows the light in you and you should always wear it.

Dresses/Attire is an important part of our lives and we have to follow the rules of wearing certain things on certain occasions.

But along with the dress you choose, never ever forget to wear your confidence and your smile.

Positive energy and people will automatically surround you when you accept and work on yourself.

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