Smartwatch is a hybrid of a watch and a smartphone.

It is the perfect blend of portability and easy user interface. A smartwatch looks like any other wristwatch except the fact that is a mini computer.

The early models of smartwatch had calculators, digital clock widget, translators, and games. While the latest models work as a smartphone itself, containing latest OS, mobile apps, and Bluetooth connectivity.

They also have an electronic visual display with either backlit LCD, OLED or Hologram with transflective or electronic paper which consumes less power.

Thanks to the growth in technology, they now have rechargeable batteries and touchscreens which make it a big deal.

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Other exciting features in detail:

1. Digital Camera: Depending on the model, smartwatches have VGA and Digital cameras. You can click pictures, share them and even video chat.

2. Thermometer: Smartwatches can check your body temperature with the built-in app; you can even download the thermometer app.

3. Accelerometer & Speedometer: You can even measure acceleration and your speed with the smartwatch. It is a great tool for athletes, as they can track their speed.

4. Pedometer: Fitness junkies will love to have this fitness buddy around. This feature can measure the number of steps and the distance you travel.

5. Barometer: This feature measures the atmospheric pressure, which helps in weather forecasting.

6. Altimeter: This can help you determine the altitude.

7. Heart Rate Monitor: This helps measure your pulse rate and blood pressure.

8. Compass: You can check directions using the compass feature without any hassle or error.

9. SD Card: Smartwatch has a storage device which can be used to store files, images, etc.
10. Tiny speakers- You can listen to music or any audio with the built-in speakers of this mini device.

11. Supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth & GPS: You can play music using your smartwatch by connecting it to Bluetooth speakers or earphones and even get directions to reach your destination.

12. Downloadable or built-in applications like: Digital Maps, calendars, personal organizers, notepad, games, etc.

13. Plays a role of a basic phone: It allows you to access your messages and calls as it has a SIM port. You needn’t take out your phone from your pocket to answer calls or reply to that urgent text, you can just do it on the go! Some watches even have ‘voice command’ feature helping you give commands merely with your voice.

14. Stay Connected: You can receive notifications from Facebook, Instagram, Gmail, Twitter, etc. and respond to them easily.

15. Find Phone: Like most of us, if you ever forget where you kept your phone, you can use the feature called ‘Find Phone’. You can call your phone through your smartwatch if they both are connected to each other.

Thus, you do not need a separate device for anything anymore; technology has made sure that one device serves all purposes. While there are several smartwatches already in the market, some are yet to be launched.

Don’t miss out on the best versions; try to look at all the specifications before investing your money on this magnificent piece of technology. This is the next generation of smartphones, hurry before they go out of stock!

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