Is Coffee harmful for health?

It all depends on how strong the coffee is? If you drink strong black coffee a day, it is harmful to health. People drink more than 4 cups of Coffee a day of Espresso Coffee,  which is definitely going to affect your health.

Coffee is harmful for health in the following ways.

High Blood Pressure

Caffeine increases blood pressure. Even 2 cups of coffee a day is harmful. It increases the risk of a heart attack.  High blood pressure pumps the kidney and the heart with more pressure.  Therefore, it damages the kidneys and heart.

It causes heart contractions also.

Gout Attacks

Excess Caffeine attacks gout because increases the uric acid in the body.  Therefore, drink coffee once a while but not daily.

Breast Diseases

Regular drinking of coffee causes Breast Tissue Cysts.


Caffeine causes insomnia.  Insomnia keeps your blood pressure high because you do not allow body to take rest. And you know high blood pressure is very dangerous for health. Therefore, taking coffee at bedtime is not good.


Coffee may upset your stomach because it increases acidity in the body.  It may cause indigestion problem or vomiting.


Coffee increases the acidity and acidity causes headaches. Therefore, regular use of Coffee may cause Headaches and Migraines.


Coffee causes infertility in women.  Studies have confirmed that caffeine affects fertility in women.

Coffee not Good for Diabetes Patients

Coffee disturbs the metabolism of the Glucose Content in the body. That is why it is not good for diabetes patients.  Sugary coffee may cause diabetes in a normal patient.

Coffee may cause Death

If anybody drinks too much coffee in a day it may cause death.



Excess coffee causes anxiety and depression.  Mind it, if a company supplies you hard black coffee in the morning, they want to frustrate you.

Friends, everything which grows in the soil is not meant for eating. Nature produces poison as well nectar.  It is your choice, what you want to eat or drink. Similarly, tea is not good for High Blood Pressure patients.

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Coffee was invented long back when people were not aware of the side effects of Caffeine.  Today it has been proved that it is more harmful than tea for the human body.

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